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Rest in Bukovel

Bukovel ski resort and our hotel "Crystal Mountain" provide you with endless opportunities for recreation from the city. Here you can spend your holiday in any season bright. Our hotel organizes the rest in Carpathians, which you will remember for a long time! For you — skiing, snowmobile trips and quad biking, biking, rafting, horseback riding, and of course — climbing Hoverla.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding — is a good way to relax outdoors, in nature alone, with family or friends. Riding a horse, you will feel it is a proud and strong animal. Our trainers will help you take the first steps. After all recreation riding in Bukovel - a figure correction, weight reduction, and just a good mood and peace of mind. It is also of course an unforgettable pleasure of communicating with the horse.

Hiking tours on Goverlu

Hiking Goverlu this test of fortitude and a good opportunity to test themselves. For many, it turned into an adventure that will take you beyond the monotony of everyday life. You may have seen pictures of Carpathian landscapes, but to see them live is much more interesting. You can safely say - I was standing on top of the world. Goverla is great emotion and a new, positive experience.

Bicycle tours in the Carpathians

Fans of active summer holiday can offer exciting bike tours in the mountains. Ride in the mountains on a bicycle - it is very exciting and thrilling adventure that will leave an imprint in your memory for a long time. Riding a bike in the mountains, you get a sense of this flight. This is not just a linear motion to which you are accustomed to on the plain. Here, your eyes will be opened with a wonderful panoramic views of mountain ridges and peaks.

Rafting on mountain rivers

Rafting in the Carpathian Mountains - is an extreme form of recreation for the fans of new sensations. You will have the unique opportunity to take the most extreme and interesting part of the Black Cheremosh (Black Cheremosh rafting), passing thresholds will bring you a lot of emotions and drive, here you can relax, unwind spirit and temper the body. Route and the camp is well laid out, the instructor equipped with all the necessary equipment for your safety.

Driving on snowmobiles

Beautiful extreme rest in Carpathians in the winter — the race and just snowmobile will not leave you indifferent to this winter skating and extreme! Snowmobiling — this is a common vehicle, but for winter rapid movement in the snow. For all parameters and control of a motorcycle snowmobile. You will have the opportunity to manage a snowmobile and take passengers.

Trip a quad bike

Fans of outdoor activities and extreme sports have an excellent opportunity to tickle your nerves and compete with the Carpathian nature of riding a quad bike. This iron horse combines the maneuverability of a motorcycle and the patency of a serious off-roader. The main thing — it's an unforgettable experience, available to everyone. You will pass the instruction from professionals get the necessary equipment and battle with the elements.