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Hiking tours on Goverlu

Hiking Goverlu this test of fortitude and a good opportunity to test themselves. For many, it turned into an adventure that will take you beyond the monotony of everyday life. You may have seen pictures of Carpathian landscapes, but to see them live is much more interesting. You can safely say - I was standing on top of the world. Goverla is great emotion and a new, positive experience.

In addition Goverly in the Ukrainian Carpathians there are many other high peaks that you should win, and we can take you under the supervision of experienced instructors. Unity with nature is possible when you are not faced with the benefits of civilization. We offer you to plunge into the nature of the Carpathians with our hiking trails. Here you can find new friends, to see the beauty of the Carpathians, secluded from the urban hustle and bustle, meet with nature alone. Can safely tell your friends about their experiences when they ask you how to climb Goverlu?