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Rafting on mountain rivers

Rafting in the Carpathian Mountains - is an extreme form of recreation for the fans of new sensations. You will have the unique opportunity to take the most extreme and interesting part of the Black Cheremosh (Black Cheremosh rafting), passing thresholds will bring you a lot of emotions and drive, here you can relax, unwind spirit and temper the body. Route and the camp is well laid out, the instructor equipped with all the necessary equipment for your safety.

Rafting in the Carpathian Mountains will give you a lot of emotion and drive. Learning the basics of survival make smart to include even experienced hikers. After the water part of the tour you will learn the basics of survival in nature. Take part in a trial lesson in survival, everyone can try their hand at implementing elements of survival.

Best vacation - this is a change of activity. Stay active and useful to the body.