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Driving on snowmobiles

Beautiful extreme rest in Carpathians in the winter — the race and just snowmobile will not leave you indifferent to this winter skating and extreme! Snowmobiling — this is a common vehicle, but for winter rapid movement in the snow. For all parameters and control of a motorcycle snowmobile. You will have the opportunity to manage a snowmobile and take passengers.

Well coated for the movement of the snowmobile is considered loose snow, and other paved trail snowmobile. Hard to move a snowmobile on not compacted snow - virgin snow. For snowmobiling need to master the basic skills of riding safety, as careless and inconsiderate driving on snowy slopes can lead to rollover and personal injury. Respect for fundamental rights snowmobiling will allow you to enjoy a relaxing holiday and safe return home.

A qualified instructor will accompany you all the time and ensure complete security of your holiday.