• The cost of extra bed is indicated for each day of stay.
  • Check-in — 14:00. Check-out — 11:00.
  • Extra beds (folding chair for one or baby crib) are available in rooms for an additional payment.
  • Children under 5 years stay free on available places.
  • Accommodation of pets only by prior arrangement.
  • Advance payment — 20%, non refundable in case of cancellation.
  • In case of cancellation at least one week before arrival, the prepayment amount will be transferred to the deposit for further use, which will be valid for six months.
  • Full payment for accommodation has to be provided at the day of arrival. No refund is given in case of premature departure from the hotel.

Services included

  • Ski room
  • Internet ( Wi-Fi on the whole territory).
  • Secure parking.
  • Outdoor warm pool with panoramic mountain views (in summer).
  • Playground.
  • Trampoline (in summer).

Paid services

  • Sauna with swimming pool — 500 UAH per 2 hours.
  • Sauna — 400 UAH per 2 hours .
  • Billiards — 160-180 UAH per hour.
  • Rentals barbecue — 200 UAH.
  • Transfer from Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, or by appointment.

Information for guests